All requests for time off needs to be submitted to Salon Management at-least two weeks prior to anticipated time off.  It is understood that your request for time off may not be approved based on the decision of Management and staffing levels. 

Approval for time-off and Change of Availability requests are done on a first requested, first approved basis. Time off and approval of Changes in Availability depends on staffing issues, staff commitments being met, Employee performance and overall Salon Operations being maintained during the employment absence.  It is understood that time-off and changes to availability may result in a loss of shifts and/or hours and no compensation shall be paid.


By submitting this Request For Time Off you agree that:

It is the Employees responsibility to ensure that all clients have been rescheduled and the correct dates have been blocked off once time off has been approved. 

The Employee is not permitted to block themselves or adjust their schedule without completing this RTO Form and being approved by Salon Management.